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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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A Journey to Submission

Dear Submitters,

May God’s peace and blessings be upon you all. I have been reading your literature from your sites and I have come to the conclusion that what you say is 100% correct. If I told you how exactly I came upon this conclusion it will be a very long lecture. However to put things in a narrow perspective I can say surely that Almighty God has guided me to see plain truth in the verses of the Quran.

To begin with, I should tell you 1 year and 2 months ago I was a very ‘serious’ minded Christian. Nevertheless I was prudent to follow the words of the Bible alone and no other source or sect that strayed from this concept. But, to my surprise I found out that the Bible had contradictions. If you were me you would have been astonished as well as amazed at this discovery I had made. All this time for the past 18 years I thought that the Bible had no contradictions. Suddenly all the world seem worthless and nonexistent to me. The world made no sense. When I told this to my parents, they did try all ways to dissuade me from believing this truth ‘that the Bible had contradictions.’

My point of view to my parents which I tried to explain to them was this, ‘How could God judge the world if the guide book he left for humanity had such nonsensical mistakes?’ For example in simple terms for people of ‘little’ under

standing; suppose a math teacher gave a book to a student to study from and learn from; however this book had mistakes in it. If the student made a mistake in answering a particular question in that book, who is more to blame, the student or the teacher? Without any doubt the teacher is more to blame.

My perspective of God has always been and always will be that God is a LOGICAL GOD. He is not insane or stupid. Would God put himself in a position in which He is to blame? No, this cannot be possible. Hence from using logical deduction I concluded that the Bible cannot be a suitable book for guidance.

My search for truth had lead me to the Quran and since then I have been mesmerized by this book. Its signs in mathematics and science has led me to conclude that this was no ordinary book. I should also tell you that I would have very well followed the Hadith and Sunnah had I not stumbled upon your site by accident while trying to download another translation of the Quran. When I had found out that the translation which I had downloaded was from a group of people who didn’t follow Hadith, I was tempted not to use or read the translation at all.

However, about one month later I decided to read what exactly this “messenger of God” had to say. When I read what he had written it started to make sense. However at first I wasn’t too sure since the change from Christian to Islam-Hadith and now to just Quran was so quick that I didn’t know

how to respond to these spiritual changes.

So, I decided to pray and use deductive reasoning. This worked wonders! This was my reasoning: “ANY religious source that had contradictions cannot be used as sources of guidance.” Hadith and Sunnah had many contradictions, hence how is it remotely possible for God to use these sources with many contradiction also written many years after Prophet Muhammad’s death. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!
In conclusion, I hope I haven’t been too extensive in my explanation for turning from Christianity to Islam. I hope I haven’t burdened any of you in this boring story. However I hope that you will accept me as a candidate for this request to receive “Submitters Perspective” through e-mail. May Almighty GOD guide you all and keep you all safe.

Yours truly,


God Willing

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