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from fasting. There is no place on earth that does not experience drought at one time or another. The consequences of a severe lack of water include a reduction in all other provisions as well. And since these other creatures endure much longer that the human lifetime, they endure periodic fasting much longer than we. Yet, heaven is assured for each of these creatures. And by God’s design, where life seems to disappear with the lack of water and the sustenance which come from it, life springs back repeatedly once water is received.

Our lifetime is so brief compared to eternity. We are deprived of nothing during this brief period, including repeated, individualized messages of God alone. Twenty-four hour God-consciousness is our goal. It is that which we strive toward, with steadfastness and patience. We know that “God never burdens any soul beyond its means....” (2:286) and that fasting is not an ordeal but rather a great opportunity to run, not walk, along God’s path. How awesome is God. He takes His creation with all its limits and uses it to remind individually and constantly that He alone is our Lord and Master. Given our previous behavior, God is merciful beyond our wildest dreams, and provides us with a gift of remembrance that can only lead us closer to Him for all eternity.


Kathryn Kolton

News From Singapore

A Charity Luncheon

Those who give to charity night and day, secretly and publicly, receive their recompense from their Lord; they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve.

United Submitters International of Singapore [U.S.I.S] organized a charity luncheon, by God’s blessing and grace, on the Sunday of 7th December 1997 for a very special group of people. All praise be to God for the amount S$850 gathered from our cheerful family of submitters [And we also received a special donation of 5 pounds worth from England too. Thank God]. This God-given provisions was spend earnestly and evenly distributed by our community members to over 200 children in two different “Children’s Homes” on the same day. May God be pleased with all of our tireless efforts and the careful planning, which turn out to be very fulfilling and successful indeed. Thank God! (and well done guys! Let’s keep this up!).

For as they give their charities, their hearts are fully reverent. For they recognize that they will be summoned before their Lord, and they are eager to do righteous works; they compete in doing them (23: 60-61).

MaashaAllah, upon our arrival, these special children, ages between 2-16 years old, sincerely opened up their very own “joyful world” to welcome us submitters in. Indeed, a beautiful “innocent world.” Being appreciative of God’s provisions for that day, everyone feasted on it delightfully! We were assured that, “NO FOOD WAS EVER LEFT OVER HERE!” Imagine that. The pictures of everyone’s faces clearly showed that all was very much contented, and while we were happily-busy. God be glorified!

Everyone of us was eager to work righteousness to please our Lord God! While our sisters were serving and getting to know these special children,

others were with the brothers excitedly designing and constructing on their first ever “Mini-Zoo” which will be occupied by 3 hamsters and 4 rabbits! So excited they were, that even the rain did not dampen their spirit but instead uplifted them!! (Recall: 8 v 10-11). Only what God wills takes place. For no one possesses power except God. Thank God.

By the end of ‘Asr time (afternoon), this blissful event had motivated every submitters to reflect further for future striving in God’s cause. Praise God. All of us have gained many interesting personal and group experiences from this striving and also learnt about an outstanding insight of other people’s world, here especially from these special children; their clear cut “unheard voices” has been heard by us all! Everyone was joyfully happy.

Indeed, we all learnt that, “And being one of those who believe, and exhorting one another to be steadfast, and exhorting one another to be kind. For these have deserved happiness.” says the Glorious Quran (See 90 v 17-18). How true. And MaashaAllah, surely God has spoken the truth. We thank God for making it a success. So let’s all strive on in the cause of God and have a joyous fulfilling Ramadan!

May God Bless us All!

Mohd. Rafil Bin Azmi

December 17, 1997

You cannot attain righteousness until you give to charity from the possessions you love. Whatever you give to charity, God is fully aware thereof. (3:92)