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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Muslim Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

October 1986

[No 21]

Safar 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


Ismail Farooqi:  To Heaven or Hell

Ever since the violent demise of Ismail Farooqi on Ramadan 19, 1406, every “Muslim” publication in the world has been mourning. Every “Muslim” publication has declared that Farooqi is a martyr who is heading straight to Heaven because he died in the cause of God. We present evidence herein that the exact opposite is true. Ismail Farooqi has devoted his life to fighting God, God’s final Prophet Muhammad, and God’s miracle that came to us through Muhammad. After ten years of refusing to endorse the truth and to support the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle, Farooqi received his just and inevitable retribution. It is God’s judgment, not ours, that his retribution in the Hereafter is far worse and everlasting (see Qur’an 20:127).

Dr. Ismail Farooqi was an intelligent and highly influential man. He was head of the Oriental (Islamic) Studies Department at the prestigious Temple University of Philadelphia. Millions of people around the world respected his opinion, and were profoundly influenced by him. Had he accepted the truth of God’s miracle in Qur’an, the 19-based mathematical code, the whole Muslim world would have been vastly better off today. But he arrogantly and adamantly rejected the truth, calling the undeniable facts of the Qur’an’s miracle, “trash.”

Here is a miracle of overwhelming proportions, proving by means of physical evidence for the first time in history that Qur’an is indeed God’s message to the world. Here is a phenomenon that the Almighty Himself describes as “ONE OF THE GREATEST MIRACLES” (74:35). Instead of putting his prestige and influence in the service of God’s

message, and mobilizing his millions of admirers, Farooqi chose to oppose God and one of His greatest miracles (74:35). What kind of destiny would you expect for such an enemy of God? God’s retribution was so devastating, Farooqi had to agonize over the untimely death of his son only weeks before his own tragic death together with his wife.

For 10 years, I prayed to God to guide Ismail Farooqi to the truth, and to mobilize him into a significant force supporting God’s undeniable miracle. But Farooqi continued to set himself up as the miracle’s number one enemy. People everywhere sought after his opinion about God’s miracle, but he persisted in opposing it. It is hard to believe that Farooqi did not understand the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle. It is hard to believe that he did not see the undeniable truth therein. Why then did he so adamantly oppose the most important Islamic

development since the revelation of Qur’an?!!! What were the forces that bought him? We will find out for sure on the Day of Judgment. My guess is that the Saudi religious heirarchy, who have amassed millions of dollars and human resources to fight the miracle, had bought Farooqi. This is a pretty safe but, since the corrupt Saudi religious establishment has been financing Farooqi’s projects for many years.


The mathematical miracle of  Qur’an, well known to the readers of this Bulletin, is based on the number 19 (Qur’an 74:30). As detailed in many books, pamphlets, bulletins, etc, published by this Masjid, the number 19 is the common denominator throughout the Qur’an’s miracle. Nineteen, as it turns out, is God’s

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