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Being an ambassador of Submission

Setting a good example

Abraham prayed that God may allow him to set a good example (26:84). We too should strive to be ambassadors of Submission. We should ask ourselves: Is our behavior exemplary? Is the way we speak and treat each other a model to follow? Do we really follow God's commandments or are we just paying lip service to God?

It is important to ask ourselves these questions, to introspect as it will help each of us truly examine our behavior towards each other

[41:34] Not equal is the good response and the bad response. You shall resort to the nicest possible response. Thus, the one who used to be your enemy, may become your best friend.

I come for a house of nonbelievers so the duty of setting the right example rests upon my shoulders. I want my family to submit to God alone so setting the right example is the best way to get them to notice that my religion dictates my way of life and that I am governed by God’s laws. My nieces are curious about why I won’t raise my voice (31:19) when all are arguing and why I don’t sit with my family when they are discussing and passing judgment on other relatives (49:11-12, 28:55). These are the opportunities that I wait for, so I can explain God’s laws to them. I don’t know what the future holds, if they will submit or not, but the very fact that they notice is a good starting point…

Sometimes we speak to the people we like and those who adhere to our point of view in the nicest possible manner convincing ourselves that we are following God’s commandments. But what about those who do not adhere to our point of view? Do we offer them the same courtesy? God’s commandment in 41:34 says ‘You shall resort to the nicest possible response’ not nicest possible response to those whom we like and adhere to our point of view. The law applies to all, those whom we like and those whom we don’t. God’s wisdom is so amazing because if we speak to those who do not like us or adhere to our point of view in the nicest manner, that's the only way (if God permits) they can become our friends…

The responsibility of following the laws in totality rest with each one of us, as submitters we must rise to the challenge no matter what the circumstances because that is what God commands us to do. I’m glad for God’s wisdom as it has not only improved my life it has but also bought me immense sovereignty in my family. Following His system allows me to be reassured of God’s support. In addition it brings me contentment and peace. Peace in the knowledge that  so long as I follow His commandments, God willing, I am not going to be responsible for leading anyone astray by my behavior (16:94) or putting off people or leading them away from Submission—as these are indeed serious offenses.


[4:85] Whoever mediates a good deed receives a share of the credit thereof, and whoever mediates an evil work, incurs a share thereof. GOD controls all things.


- Submitter from India, September 2013

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