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From the USA, Qiblah (Qibla; direction of prayer) is Southeast

The word Qiblah in the Quran (2:142-145) means, 'The direction one faces during the Contact Prayers (Salat).' This "direction" is towards the Ka`bah (Sacred Masjid) built by Prophet Abraham in Mecca. The Ka'bah serves as an organizational point of reference for Submitters (Muslims) to face towards whenever they observe their Contact Prayers, from wherever they may be around the world. From the USA, the direction to face towards the Ka`bah is slightly South of East (Southeast), not Northeast. This Qibla article for USA/Canada is to help Submitters understand why South of East is the right direction and why Northeast is not.

Knowing why South of East (Southeast) is the correct direction to face towards the Ka'bah from the continental USA is easy and does not involve any complex calculations, nor does it require any advanced scientific knowledge. All you need to understand is some basic concepts and God willing, the direction will become obvious to you. To begin with, you must know that the essential difference between the two directions is that the Southeast Qiblah requires you to face directly towards the Ka'bah (at Mecca) along a straight and constant line of direction through the earth. The Northeast Qiblah works on the belief that you can only face the Ka'bah along a path that is above the surface of the earth, and offers alternative methods based on shortest surface distances or following the angle of sight to the sun.

The article has three main sections.
Section 1 defines essential concepts like 'directions' and 'routes' which are important to know to appreciate the differences between what the Southeast and Northeast directions are based on.
Section 2 analyses and explains why Southeast is the right direction and why Northeast is not.
Section 3 highlights the importance and responsibility of Submitters to follow and support the Southeast Qiblah confirmed by God's Messenger of the Covenant.

It is recommended that readers study these sections so that the matter is clear, God willing. However, for those who do not wish to examine all the details, there is a Quick Reference Summary that can give them a fair idea of the subject.

Qiblah South-east in USA and Canada (PDF) [to download file, right click and select "Save Link as"]

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