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Location is: Orlando, Florida, United States

Prayer Time for
Dawn 5:38 AM
Sunrise 6:56 AM
Noon 12:39 PM
Afternoon 3:55 PM
Sunset 6:21 PM
Night 7:40 PM

Latitude: 28.5383355
Longitude : -81.3792365

Time zone matches: America/New_York (UTC/GMT offset: -5 hours)
(note: formula approximations may lead to variations of a few minutes)

More information on why Qiblah is South of East from USA and Canada.
How to use a compass to know which way is southeast from USA & Canada for the direction of prayer (Qiblah)

Use Latitude/Longitude: You can also get a Contact Prayer times by using latitude and longitude values from a map (e.g., if you are traveling and may not be near a recognized city).
By Email: If you would like the Contact Prayer times emailed to you, please send a message to with the subject line of your City.
Text message: Please text 520-955-9190 with your city (e.g., Tucson AZ) for Salat timings. Since it's automated, please don't include any other data (e.g., "Peace") in your text. Can only reply to requests coming from a US or Canadian phone number.

Information on assumptions used in calculating the Prayer times

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