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Mathematical Proof supporting number of Allahu Akbars in the Azaan (call to Contact Prayers, Salat)

The following discovery was submitted by brother Cheikh Talla from Senegal (currently living in Ohio).

The Azaan or call to Contact Prayer consists of
(1) Allahu Akbar (God is Great), 4 times
(2) Laa Elaaha Ellah Allah (There is no other god beside God), once.

If you count the total number of "Allahu Akbars" in the Azaan for 5 daily Contact Prayers (5x4 = 20) and add it to the total count of Allahu Akbars said in the 5 Contact Prayers themselves (94), the total comes to 114 or 19 x 6. Praise be to God.

This confirms that the number of Allahu Akbars recited in the Azaan is 4.

Note: the Azaan is not mandatory for every prayer; for more information about the Azaan and Contact Prayers, please refer to the contact prayer booklet and video.

The discovery is summarized in Table 1.

Table 1: Confirms that 4 x "Allahu Akbars" are said in the Azaan

Contact Prayer Number of Allahu Akbars recited in the Salat Number of Allahu Akbars recited in the Azaan
Dawn Prayer 11 4
Noon Prayer 22 4
Afternoon Prayer 22 4
Sunset Prayer 17 4
Night Prayer 22 4
Total 94 20


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