In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
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Fall Prostrate Before God

[Quran 7:206] Those at your Lord are never too proud to worship Him; they glorify Him and fall prostrate before Him.

In the Quran God encourages us many times to fall prostrate to Him. The provision to fall prostrate to God is a great gift and its significance in our worship actions can never be emphasized enough. 'Prostration' is a humble act of submitting, surrendering power to another.

[76:26] During the night, fall prostrate before Him, and glorify Him many a long night.

[53:62] You shall fall prostrate before GOD, and worship.

God never puts our worship to waste; any action that constitutes submission and obedience to God has a positive effect on both our spiritual and physical wellbeing. The soul benefits are limitless as we see from several verses in Quran - indicated as a traits of the righteous.

Traits of the Righteous

[25:63] The worshipers of the Most Gracious are those who tread the earth
gently, and when the ignorant speak to them, they only utter peace.
[25:64] In the privacy of the night, they meditate on their Lord, and fall prostrate

Additionally, the physical act of prostration helps the external garment (the body) to be fresh and rejuvenated to keep on enjoying a healthy, submitting life. For example, studies indicate that it helps is flexing and strengthening various muscles, stretching or lubricating joints, increasing blood supply to the brain, causing brain nourishment for positive effects on the memory, vision, hearing, concentration and other cognitive abilities. It helps to keep the body supple to enable prostration through the years God willing, even as our bodies get older. We certainly don't want to wait to try and develop this habit when we are old or unable (68:42-43)!!

[22:77] O you who believe, you shall bow, prostrate, worship your Lord, and work righteousness, that you may succeed.

[4:13] These are GOD's laws. Those who obey GOD and His messenger, He will admit them into gardens with flowing streams, wherein they abide forever. This is the greatest triumph.

But whether we can ever know all the benefits of prostration, we know that it is good for us in many ways because God mentions it often in Quran. We already know God's command to meditate on Him so if we add this action its certainly going to help do that more effectively. Let us take a good reminder from the fact that it is the ego that prevented Satan from carrying out God's command to fall prostrate before Adam and it is our ego that got us here to Earth. Satan may try to play with our ego and reduce the desire to fall prostrate before God.

Let us break free of Satan and our egos, and carry out God's command to bow and prostrate to Him.

[15:98] You shall sing the praises of your Lord, and be with the prostrators.

[26:217] And put your trust in the Almighty, Most Merciful. [26:218] Who sees you when you meditate during the night. [26:219] And your frequent prostrations.

Qualities of the Believers

[48:29] Muhammad―the messenger of GOD―and those with him are harsh and stern against the disbelievers, but kind and compassionate amongst themselves. You see them bowing and prostrating, as they seek GOD's blessings and approval. Their marks are on their faces, because of prostrating. This is the same example as in the Torah. Their example in the Gospel is like plants that grow taller and stronger, and please the farmers. He thus enrages the disbelievers. GOD promises those among them who believe and lead a righteous life forgiveness and a great recompense.

[50:40] During the night you shall meditate on His name, and after prostrating.



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