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The Smoke: A Major Prophecy

I seek refuge in God from Satan the rejected.
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

One of the signs that remain before the end of the world is the prophecy of The Smoke (referenced in Sura 44).

The Smoke: A Major Prophecy*

[44:10] Therefore, watch for the day when the sky brings a profound smoke.*

*44:10 Only two signs are yet to be fulfilled, this smoke and Gog and Magog (Appendix 25).

[44:11] It will envelop the people; this is a painful retribution.
[44:12] "Our Lord, relieve this retribution for us; we are believers."

God's Messenger of the Covenant*

[44:13] Now that it is too late, they remember! An enlightening messenger had come to them.*

*44:13 The sum of sura and verse numbers (44+13) is 57, 19x3, and this Quranic code was proclaimed by God's Messenger of the Covenant (Appendices 1, 2, & 26).

[44:14] But they turned away from him, saying, "Well educated, but crazy!"
[44:15] We will relieve the retribution for awhile; you will soon revert.


We learn that the Smoke (44:10): occurs after God’s Messenger of the Covenant has delivered the unified message and proclaimed Submission (Islam) as the only religion acceptable by God.

So What will happen? (adapted from the March 1990 Submitters Perspective)

  1.  A massive asteroid will hit somewhere in Middle East.Celestial firestorm: Comet or asteroid slams into earth. Vaporized rock and debris cause by the impact shoot into space. As the debris re-enters the atmosphere each of the trillions of grains of sand would generate 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2.  The resulting heat will burn living organisms within a 100 mile radius.
  3.  Total devastation will envelope the Arab world, main opponents of God, His miracle, and His Messenger of the Covenant (9:97, 3:81, 33:7).
  4.  The Quranic prophecy in 44:10-15 will come to pass: A giant dust cloud will envelope the whole world and obscure the sun for a few months.
  5.  In fulfillment of 17:92, the Arabs will mock and ridicule this prophecy.
  6. Only God knows the exact time.


For more details, please see the March 1990 Submitters Perspective.

Has the Smoke occurred yet?

Thus far (2016) the prophecy has not occurred. While there was some smoke in the middle east due to oil fires in 1991, its impact was fairly limited by God's grace and the effects described in 44:10-14 did not occur.

Further as we see from 17:92 (item 5 above), an element of the prophecy as explained by God's messenger, is that mass from the sky (an asteroid) will come from the sky.

[17:92] "Or unless you cause masses from the sky, as you claimed, to fall on us. Or unless you bring GOD and the angels before our eyes.

How will we know when it happens?

This is a major prophecy for all people (a sign before the end of the world). As we see in 44:10-11, the resultant smoke/dust/debris in the atmosphere will be profound, i.e., clearly seen by all. It will envelop the people to whom this prophecy is directed, i.e., be a worldwide phenomenon (44:11).

Further, it will be a time when people will believe God's message of Submission, and will pray to God for relief (44:12).

They will remember that God had sent His messenger to them but he had been disregarded as a well educated but crazy person (44:14).


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