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In Quran: the word "month" occurs 12 times

The fact that the word "month" appears 12 times in the Quran was confirmed in the footnote of verse 9:36 of the Authorized English Version of the Quran (quoted below) by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, God’s messenger of the covenant.

The table below was compiled subsequently by Submitters to assist in verifying the count of the word "month" (singular) in the Quran. We begin by looking at all the occurrences (21 of them) and then identify the different grammatical numbers (singular, plural, dual) of each word.

The links take the reader to an external site where one can confirm the grammatical number/form. (We do not take responsibility for the contents of any external site, and their views are strictly their own. The links are merely provided as an externally verifiable & independent reference.)

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God's System: Twelve Months Per Year*

[9:36] The count of months, as far as GOD is concerned, is twelve.* This has been GOD's law, since the day He created the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred. This is the perfect religion; you shall not wrong your souls (by fighting) during the Sacred Months. However, you may declare all-out war against the idol worshipers (even during the Sacred Months), when they declare all-out war against you, and know that GOD is on the side of the righteous.

*9:36 The word "month" is mentioned in the Quran 12 times, and "day" 365 times.


One can easily verify that the word Month occurs 12 times in Quran

Total occurrences of the word "month" (Arabic triliteral root: shin-ha-ra) in all its forms
Of which, the ocurrences of plural and dual forms (total) is:
Plural (2:197, 2:226, 2:234, 9:2, 9:5, 9:36, 65:4)
Dual (4:92, 58:4)
The occurrence of singular form of the word "month" is: 21-9 = 12 in total
  1. 2:185 first word
  2. 2:185 sixteenth word
  3. 2:194 first word
  4. 2:194 third word
  5. 2:217
  6. 5:2
  7. 5:97
  8. 9:36
  9. 34:12 fourth word
  10. 34:12 sixth word
  11. 46:15
  12. 97:3



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