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Rabi II  1436

Volume 31 No 2

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson


RoseValentine’s Day, February 14, is traditionally a day about love. But every day is a good day to love God. As much as we love our children, our parents, our spouses, our family and friends, or even material things like our job—we must love God the most.

[2:165] Yet, some people set up idols to rival GOD, and love them as if they are GOD. Those who believe love GOD the most. If only the transgressors could see themselves when they see the retribution! They will realize then that all power belongs to GOD alone, and that GOD's retribution is awesome.

What can start out as love (e.g., for prophets), can end up as idolatry. If you

search the internet for "love Jesus" or "love Muhammad", there are plenty of blasphemous pages dedicated to loving them.

Prophets and saints aren't the only ones that people idolize through love. Sometimes, humans idolize their spouses or their children. Or we can idolize (love too much) money or material things in general.

[89:17-20] Wrong! It is you who brought it on yourselves by not regarding the orphan.  And not advocating charity towards the poor.  And consuming the inheritance of helpless orphans. And loving the money too much.

Our Children Can be Idols
[7:189-92] He created you from one person (Adam). Subsequently, He gives every man a mate to find tranquility with her. She then carries a light load that she can hardly notice. As the load gets heavier, they implore GOD their Lord: "If You give us a good baby, we will be appreciative." But when He gives them a good baby, they turn His gift into an idol that rivals Him. GOD be exalted, far above any partnership. Is it not a fact that they are idolizing idols who create nothing, and are themselves created?  Idols that can neither help them, nor even help themselves?


It's not that we can't enjoy God's provisions or love our family. God is the One who puts love and care towards them into our hearts (30:21). God is the One who designed believers to be members of one family. Submitter brothers and sisters love each other; we are all members, God willing, of the eternal family. But we need to love God the most. And it's logical. If we believe that anyone can help us in any way or that the source of the help is from other than God,  that would be committing idol worship. We know what happened when Joseph thought the wine-butler prisoner could help him (12:36-42). It's a lesson for us. We must remember the statement in Al-Fatehah: [1:5] You alone we worship; You alone we ask for help.

If we think about it logically: Who gave us the child or the spouse or the believing family? It’s "His gift" (7:190). Who gave us and them a heart and mind so they can feel the compassion, caring or appreciation? Can we control anyone's minds or hearts or even make someone love us? Who allows the relationship to be a source of joy? Who lasts forever, even if the spouse or child turns away?

[18:46] Money and children are the joys

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