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Jumada II  1436

Volume 31 No 4

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson

The Body As An Allegory

Just as our bodies breathe, eat, and grow, so does the soul. In fact, many aspects of the body can be viewed as an allegory for the soul. 


The most basic thing we do, breathing, is subconscious.  It is an automatic process which we take for granted; God designed our bodies to do this, without the least effort on us.  According to an article published by Slate magazine, most people can hold their breath for 30 seconds before gasping.  However the real danger of not breathing is the carbon dioxide build-up, which acidifies your blood.

This got me thinking about the human, which has a breath of God.

[32:9] He shaped him and blew into him from His spirit. And He gave you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brains; rarely are you thankful.

How do we breathe (allegorically) for our souls?  If we don’t breathe for it, are we introducing dangers to it?

We breathe for our souls by commemorating and remembering GOD.  God Almighty says to remember him FREQUENTLY, just as we breathe frequently.  We do it day and night, awake or asleep.

[76:25] And commemorate the name of your Lord day and night. [73:8] You shall commemorate the name of your Lord, to come ever closer and closer to Him.

This tells us that we have to remember GOD as much as we are breathing, if not more!  It also tells you how critical it is to do it, otherwise our soul will suffocate from “holding its breath.”

God says [20:102] That is the day when the horn is blown, and we summon the guilty on that day blue.

This struck me because when you run out of oxygen, you turn blue.  So those who fail to heed their Lord inevitably suffocate the real person, thus turning “blue.”

The acidity which is introduced by the lack of oxygen is similar to pollution introduced through worshiping Satan.  If you do not commemorate God and side with Him, then the Devil is the alternative,

The Devil is the Other Alternative

[36:60-3] Did I not covenant with you, O Children of Adam, that you shall not worship the devil? That he is your most ardent enemy? And that you shall worship Me alone?

This is the right path. He has misled multitudes of you. Did you not possess any understanding? This is the Hell that was promised for you.

This makes it more crucial to remember GOD and observe the contact prayer, for the contact prayers not only prevent vice, but they are designed to remember GOD (29:45). We cannot survive by eating but not breathing. Can we even eat if we don’t breathe? We would be so concerned, gasping for air, we wouldn’t know what we were doing, let alone eating!  So how can we observe the contact prayers (eat) without remembering GOD (breathing)?

[87:14-5] Successful indeed is the one who redeems his soul. By remembering the name of his Lord, and observing the contact prayers (Salat).


We eat for our souls by observing the contact prayers as pointed out by the Messenger, the Quran.

[11:1-2] A.L.R. This is a scripture whose verses have been perfected, then elucidated. It comes from a Most Wise, Most Cognizant. Proclaiming: "You shall not

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