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Rabi I 1434

Volume 29 No 1

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of the International Community of Submitters Published by Masjid Tucson


In the last sura revealed through prophet Muhammad, we read:

[110:1] When triumph comes from GOD, and victory.
[110:2] You will see the people embracing GOD's religion in throngs.
[110:3] You shall glorify and praise your Lord, and implore Him for forgiveness. He is the Redeemer.

This is wonderful news for the Submitters and Believers, and naturally, we are eager to see it happen in our lifetime. We may wonder how it will come to be and look for signs that might point to its imminent arrival. Some may even think that our actions will impact the timing of it and urge us to alter some of our ways. Here, I share some thoughts for your consideration on this matter.

God says: [21:37] The human being is impatient by nature. I will inevitably show you My signs; do not be in such a hurry.

We live in an age of the “Microwave Mentality”. We sometimes fall into the

trap of wanting everything as fast as our meals heat up in the microwave oven.

Let’s examine this topic further with this way of thinking in mind:

1. We are clueless as to how a prophecy is going to come about. Our thinking is limited to our own knowledge and frame of reference while God knows everything everyone knows and does. He has the master plan and knows who will play what role in the execution of the “Triumph”. There are infinite possibilities as to how this will come about and may include roles for people who currently have faulty traditional religious beliefs or none at all but are destined to be redeemed. For instance, a population belonging to a particular faith/church may collectively come to see the light. Rather than thinking that our actions may hasten the arrival of “Triumph”, we ought to pray that God will assign us a role in His plan thereby giving us the opportunity to serve in His cause and earn points for our post-retirement account. God does not need any of us to execute any of His plans but we would be honored to be

assigned a part.

2. God tells us to do our part so that we can achieve our own greatest triumph, by His leave:

[5:105] O you who believe, you should worry only about your own necks. If the others go astray, they cannot hurt you, as long as you are guided. To GOD is your ultimate destiny, all of you, then He will inform you of everything you had done.

[35:32] We passed the scripture from generation to generation, and we allowed whomever we chose from among our servants to receive it. Subsequently, some of them wronged their souls, others upheld it only part of the time, while others were eager to work righteousness in accordance with GOD's will; this is the greatest triumph.

The focus of our life should be to work to redeem ourselves by correcting our ways and doing our very best to follow all of God’s commands.

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