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verify these dates. For example, the last day of fasting is, God willing, September 9 for Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand etc. as the new moon will likely be after sunset in these locations. Also, some very northwestern states in North America and Canada may start fasting on August 10, depending on the sunset in those locations.

Happy, peaceful and blessed Ramadan to all, God willing.

[2:184] Specific days (are designated for fasting); if one is ill or traveling, an equal number of other days may be substituted. Those who can fast, but with great difficulty, may substitute feeding one poor person for each day of breaking the fast. If one volunteers (more righteous works), it is better. But fasting is the best for you, if you only knew.

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The Night of Destiny

The Most Illuminating Night

The literal meaning of the Quranic word “Saum” for fasting is “to stop, to keep quiet, to be at rest” and it implies abstinence. While fasting, one has to stop certain normal and standard acts which, though permitted are categorized as carnal and sensual demands of the living body—eating and drinking and indulging in lawful sex. The word “Ramadan” is derived from the word “Ramz” which means “to burn or to


scorch” and here it applies to “the burning of selfish desires.”

Fasting places everybody—the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak —on the same platform. It is not meant for self torture. Although it is stricter than other fasts, it also provides alleviations for special circumstances. It is not merely a temporary self rejection from food and drink but this abstention enables our attention to be directed to loftier ideals.

Fasting accustoms us to face the hardships of life—by renouncing everyday comfort; we give strength to our resolve and increase the power of resistance. Obviously, the purpose of fasting is to keep men and women away from such demands of life which humans share with animals. It is a month-long exercise to “counteract the effects of the poison of sensuality.”

Fasting is a strict form of religious rite —we abstain from food from dawn to sunset not because we are unable to “afford” the luxury of eating and drinking but because we want to obey Almighty God’s command. It is a month of self-discipline—full of blessings for humankind. It was on this illuminating Night that Prophet Muhammad received his call and the Quran was revealed to him.

[44:3] We have sent it down in a blessed night, for we are to warn.

Sura (Chapter) 97 perfectly reflects the significance and majesty of this blessed night.

[97:1-5] We revealed it in the Night of Destiny. How awesome is the Night of Destiny! The Night of Destiny is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by their Lord's leave, to carry out every command. Peaceful it is until the advent of the dawn.

It was revealed in portions during a span of 23 years. Every time, the human required help and guidance, God in His Benevolence sent us an urgent “e-mail.”

[17:106] A Quran that we have released slowly, in order for you to read it to the people over a long period, although we sent it down all at once.

This Night first witnessed the glow of the luminosity which was destined to illuminate the whole world with the advent of the Final Revelation.

It is clearly indicated that God has blessed humankind with the brightest, most immaculate radiance of knowledge and enlightenment to wipe away all darkness, ignorance and degradation.

Alim C.