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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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God is in control

God’s awareness and power encompass everything. He alone holds the heavens and the earth in His hand. Verse 39:67 states: ...In fact, the universes are folded within His right hand. He controls the alternation of night and day (2:164, 31:29), the expansion of the universe (51:47), and keeps the heavenly bodies from crashing onto the earth (22:65). He is cognizant of all of the inhabitants on earth and provides for each of them in exact measure. Verse 6:59 states:

With Him are the keys to all secrets; none knows them except He. He knows everything on land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge. Nor is there a grain in the depths of the soil. Nor is there anything wet or dry that is not recorded in a profound record. God knows everything!

God destines whom you marry. As He wills, He pairs the righteous man and woman together and assigns the

unrighteous to each other. He places love in their hearts, (30:21), then He may grant them sons or daughters, or He may render the couple sterile (42:49-50). God pinpoints the exact time that a couple meets each other.

God determines the time of death. Verse 40:68 states, He is the only One who controls life and death. To have anything done, He simply says to it, ‘Be’ and it is. No one’s life is snapped short (35:11). What occurs at the time of death was designed by God to be different for believing souls who are peacefully invited by angels and go straight to heaven (89:27-30), and for disbelieving souls who are beaten by the angel in whose charge they are placed (8:50). Then God will hold everyone accountable on the Day of Judgment.

God protects believers during war and persecution. He parted the Red Sea in order to save Moses and his people from the persecution of Pharaoh (26:60-66).

He prevented believers from inadvertently killing believers who were in an enemy camp (48:24-25), sent angels to support believers (3:124-125), and controlled circumstances during battle to fulfill a predetermined outcome (8:42). God is the only supporter as stated in 4:45. God knows best who your enemies are. God is the only Lord and Master. God is the only Supporter.

After reflecting on their own life and examining the Quran, believers will accept the Quranic fact that God is in control. They will know it in their hearts. Consequently, they will want to strive in the cause of God because they love God and because God gives the believers a chance to earn a lot of credit (8:17). They will be certain of God’s control and submit to Him. They will accept the divine authorship of the Quran as proved by its miraculous mathematical code.