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Submitters Perspective

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Happiness is
Submission to God Alone

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Quran: God’s Authentic Message to the World

The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed—the chapters, the verses, the words, the number of certain letters, the number and location of key words or statements in the text, unique spelling of certain words, and many other elements of the Quran besides its content.

There are two major facets of the Quran’s mathematical system:

1) The mathematical literary composition, and

2) The mathematical structure involving the numbers of chapters and verses.

Because of this comprehensive mathematical coding, the slightest distortion of the Quran’s text or physical arrangement is immediately exposed.

One of the important functions of the Quran’s mathematical code is that it proves and authenticates by physical evidence all the miracles of the previous prophets and messengers. Noah’s flood, Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, Jesus’ reviving of the dead and healing of the hopelessly blind and the lepers, and so on. Now, these miracles are mathematically composed within the Quran and proven by this code to be true. God was the witness. His words are divine. And what He has proven by means of the “ultimate” miracle is that the Quran is indeed His word. The word of God. The Final Testament to the world.

The mathematical coding of the Quran is easy to verify, simple to understand, but impossible to imitate. To obtain detailed information and for a free catalog, write to:

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