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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Submitters Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

December 1989

[No 60]

Jumada I 1410

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.

ALLAH vs "The Learned Scholars"

The top "Muslim Scholars," including Sheikh Al-Azhar, Mecca's Imam, etc. met in Chicago October 7 & 8 to discuss "Finality of Prophethood, and the significance of Hadith." Their objective is stated in the Quran: to distort the word of God, and confuse the Muslim masses with regard to the definitions of "Prophet" (Nabi) and "Messenger" (Rasool) [5:41].

They have set up their religious leaders & scholars as gods instead of God. 9:31

No one disputes the fact that Muhammad was God's final prophet. The definitions of "Prophet" (Nabi) and "Messenger" (Rasool) are very clearly stated by Almighty God in the Quran, 3:81:

Recall that God made a covenant with the prophets (Nabis): "I will give you the scripture and wisdom."

Thus, a prophet is given a scripture to deliver.  Simple enough?

Afterwards, a messenger (Rasool) will come to you, confirming what you have delivered.

Thus, clearly a messenger (Rasool) confirms existing scripture; he does not bring a new scripture.


Another objective of the "Muslim Scholars" is to distort the word of God and fool the Muslims by telling them that the Prophet Muhammad was not only the final prophet (Nabi), but also the final messenger (Rasool).  Are we going to believe God and his final prophet, or shall we believe Muslim Scholars?"



God tells us, through His final prophet, that Muhammad was the final prophet, but NOT the final messenger:

Muhammad was not the father of any of your men; he was a messenger of God, and the final prophet  33:40

If the "Final Prophet" also means the "Final Messenger" as they would like us to believe, why did God describe Muhammad as "a messenger of God (Rasool Allah), and the final prophet??!! It would have been sufficient to describe him as "the final prophet." No where in the Quran do we see "the final messenger" (Khatum Al-Mursaleen).


Just like the Jewish scholars who opposed Jesus, and the Christian scholars who opposed Muhammad, the Muslim scholars are opposing the Quran. They are afraid of the inevitable appearance of God's Messenger of the Covenant, clearly prophesied in the Quran 3:81 and 33:7. But God's truth shall overtake the world.



The Quran warns us against worshiping our scholars instead of God:

They have taken their religious leaders as gods instead of God.    9:31

How would we worship the scholars instead of God?  By choosing the scholars' opinion instead of God's truth.


God has sent down the best Hadith; an Arabic Quran that is perfectly clear, without any ambiguity. 39:23, 28

In which Hadith, other than God and His revelations, do they believe in? 45:6


God Himself has stated in 74:25-35 that the number "19" will prove to the world that the Quran is God's message to the world. Ask the "Muslim Scholars," why do they fight God's 19-based miracle so ferociously??!!

TRUTH PREVAILS (17:81, 21:18)

No one questions the fact that the Prophet Muhammad was the final prophet (Nabi) [33:40]. But the Quran, God's word that came to us through the Prophet Muhammad, clearly tells us that Muhammad was NOT the final messenger (Rasool). Another major distortion the top "Muslim Scholars" are trying to jam down the throats of Muslims is THE BIG LIE, that the Prophet Muhammad was also the final messenger. Home Page View other Submitters Pespectives Pages 1, 2, 3, 4