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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Muslim Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

July 1988

[No 43]

Dhul Qi'da 1408

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.




In addition to numerous telephone calls from all corners of the world, the following letters were received from God's favorite creations, the extremely fortunate people who saw the truth of God's message, believers who uphold the Qur'an, the whole Qur’an,, and nothing but the Qur'an:

From Morocco: There is no coincidence in the universe; it is not coincidental that your name is synonymous with "finding the right path”.

From Turkey: To the Messenger of God. I have received the last two issues of M.P. I was expecting such announcement. You may remember that I have become aware of your commission and written to you that the root of your name is mentioned just 19 times in Qur'an. 1 had written to you that you are selected by God.

From Houston: I was born and raised in Pakistan and came to USA in 1975. Through my stay in Pakistan I could never become a believer in God because of the way Islam and being a muslim was presented through the rampant influence of Hadith in the society. I had read the Quran in Arabic (I can't understand Arabic) and twice tried to read English translations. It was God's mercy and guidance that a copy of your translation was given to me in early 1985. ...I have been reading your newsletter consistently now for more than two years and so far have not found ANYTHING I could disagree with in any of your newsletters. ...I wish you the best and promise my support to your mission as Messenger of God to spread the message all over the world.

From Sheridan, WY:Rashad Khalifa, Messenger of  God: I have decided to join God's eternal kingdom.

From New York:  I am writing in support of the work that you are doing to restore the truth of

Quran back in Islam. ...I thank you for having courage to come forth before the world, to expose all the evils of Shaytan and uphold God's truth.

From Singapore:  From the very first moment my heart did not waver. You'll find me one of your ardent supporters. ...You taught me to follow the Quran and uphold the Quran alone.

From New Jersey: I support your mission which I can understand how hard it is, especially with Muslims who have left the Qur'an. ...I really enjoyed and understood with great comfort everything you wrote concerning the religion.

From Kano, Nigeria: ...I totally believe in your teachings, and I humbly and totally submit to the will of my CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY who guided you to preach His message to the world.

From Sheffield, England: I have now received your personal printed "Message" proclaiming yourself as The Messenger of God, to which I have full faith and every confidence! May the Great God bless you with wisdom and power to save the few which are to be saved according to His will.

From Bombay: Please  permit  me  to convey my deepest admiration and appreciation of the work that you are doing in the cause of real and true Islam as is embodied in its one and only source, the Qur'an. May Allah reward you abundantly for your courageous crusade.

From Coimbatore, India: We are getting 'MP' regularly, including the latest Ramadan issue "God Insists." Human ego being what it is-some people are going to make an issue out of it-it's going to be a storm in a tea cup. Any way, those who may have to oppose should first disprove the Miracle of the Holy Qur'an & that's going to be a problem for them.


From Trinidad: Dear Brother in Islam: From the time I began to study from your Qur'an translation "The Final Scripture," it inspired in me The infinite wisdom of knowledge and I instantly turned to the One True Ever Living God, and began bowing and prostrating to Him Alone, and no other. I …have declared that I want to be a member of your Organization or community. I have pledged my service to the One True God. So book me down as a member and send me a copy of your way of Salat so that I may explain to the members of my mosque ... because our way over here is real Satanic handy work, calling upon dead men for help, while forgetting the true Living God. Allahu Akbar.

From the Philippines:  ....the whole Usrah group was shocked about your claim as the messenger of Allah, but prior to that Allah knows that I had already known and believed. Why? It's simply because you possess all the signs of a messenger, such as in 36:21 of the Qur'an, and so far, all that you prophesized became materialized. It's very Qur'anic! Others in our group are withholding judgment of your claims pending further verification (17:36).

From Sweden:Peace Rashad! Congratulations on your inevitable announcement. GLORY TO GOD. RIGHT ON. I just feel Sooo privileged to be a witness. May God reward you with His glorious presence always.

These are only excerpts from a small representative sample from the blessed deluge of support from that very special group of people who are called "Al-Muqarraboon" in the Qur'an (the elite of the elite who will be closest to God in the eternal real life).

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TO THE BELIEVERS: Congratulations, and get ready for a victorious pilgrimage to Mecca.

TO THE DISBELIEVERS: Get ready for disaster.

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