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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Muslim Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

December 1987

[No 35]

Rabi II 1408

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


Reprinted from a handbook published by AI’s West German Section.



Here is how the Saudi plot went:

1.  Corrupt Saudi King Fahd sends the head of Satan’s official agency, Rabitat Al-‘Aalam Al-Islami, (World “so-called” Muslim League), Dr.  Abdullah Naseef, with a few million dollars, to Egypt.

2.  Naseef meets President Hosny  Mubarak on November 14, 1987 and expresses Saudi’s great fear that a new kind of revolution is brewing, namely, the blessed revolution against idolatry; the revolution to worship God alone and restore Islam to God’s true religion.

3. Egyptian secret police arrest Dr. Ahmad Sobhy Mansour on November 19. *

* Dr.   Ahmad Sobhy Mansour, Professor of Islamic History at the famed Al-Azhar University, was divinely guided to the conclusion that the Islam being practiced today in the “Muslim” world has nothing to do with the Islam preached by Muhammad. Thus, Dr. Ahmad Sobhy Mansour is the first divinely guided “official” Aalim (religious scholar), from the heart of Al-Azhar, who fearlessly declared the truth. Needless to say, this phenomenon, having an ‘Aalem preach the truth, immensely disturbed the fossilized ‘Ulema of the false Islam. 

4. Egyptian authorities tell Dr. Mansour that he will be freed, on condition that he never writes any books again!!!!

5. Dr. Mansour, whose name tells the whole story (Mansour means one who will be victorious), rejects this conditioned “freedom” and refuses to leave the prison.

6. Egypt’s most outstanding journalists, including Jalaluddin Hamamsy, write editorials deploring the unjust arrest     of Dr. Mansour, and demanding his immediate and unconditional release, with guaranteed freedom to write whatever he wants.

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