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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Muslim Perspective

Monthly Bulletin of United Submitters International ***

Proclaiming the only religion acceptable to God

November 1986

[No 22]

Rabi' I 1407

Editor: Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D.


incurring the ultimate curse Sura Muhammad, Verse 38 (19x2)


Arabs forbidden from seeing the miracle of Qur’an because of their unappreciative disregard of God’s message to them

The last ten years of the fourteenth Islamic century witnessed the great oil bonanza for the Arabs. This appears to mark the beginning of the end for them. Verses 44 through 46 of Sura 6 teach us that, along with the oil bonanza, God has taken away the Arabs’ ability to hear, see, or understand. The evidence is overwhelming that the Arabs’ ability to comprehend God’s signs has been taken away. Seemingly intelligent Arabs who would talk to you about this world’s sciences and philosophies, suddenly turn utterly dumb when it comes to Qur’an and its irrefutable mathematical miracle. Verse 44 of Sura 6 states: Because they disregarded the message given to them, we opened for them the gates of everything. Then, just as they rejoiced in the material things given to them, we seized them suddenly, and they became

utterly stunned.

Verse 46 then informs us that God takes away their hearing, their eyesight and seals their minds. Of course this curse refers to anything and everything having to do with God; they can no longer hear, see, or understand God’s message.


The top religious scholars of the Arab World held a meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to look at the Qur’an’s mathematical miracle, under the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Ben Baz. The official title of Ben Baz is: President of the Departments of Scientific Research and Rules and Da’wah and Guidance (see Arabic inlay from his official stationary). Ben Baz, by the way, is the notorious scholar who still

believes that the earth is flat (see the New York Times, December 14, 1984). The top Arab scholars published their findings throughout the world, including their English publication IMPACT INTERNATIONAL (8-21 August 1986, Page 3).


Arabic Impact International

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