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Please exercise due caution when using computer translation tools (e.g., Bing, Google translate, etc.)

[Quran 26:198-199] If we revealed this to people who do not know Arabic. And had him recite it (in Arabic), they could not possibly believe in it.

There are advantages to having information about Submission available in as many languages as technology permits, God willing. Readers may choose to use computer translation tools where quality translations are not available and ask God to guide them. Trying to understand a webpage translated to one's native language (even if imperfectly generated by a computer tool) can be easier than trying to understand a webpage in a foreign language. From feedback we have received, Submitters have used computer translation tools when reading a page and also when working on translations of Submission-related content with God's help.

There are also drawbacks or limitations of computer translated web pages. We wanted to make readers aware of this (in case they were not already) so that they do not always take the translation literally or expect it to be perfect. With God's help, readers are able to verify the contents of the computer translation (17:36). God is the One who guides (1:5).

To help improve the translation for future readers, with God's help, if you are proficient in English and the translated language: we request if you could you hover over the text and click the "improve translation" / "contribute a better translation" link to make changes (and also email us to let us know that you have put in a change).

God willing we can make use of changes to improve the translation quality. Please let us know if you have specific suggestions, or a translation you have done of the Quran or other Submission-related material that you'd like to share. May God forgive us for our mistakes and guide us to correct them.

We encourage readers to take advantage of human-translations for the following languages. When it comes to Quran, software-generated translations may not be able to understand context based on Quran (compared to a translation done by a human Submitter, who worships God and follows the Quran). For the Quran in Arabic, we assume readers will use the original Arabic (and not rely on a machine generated "reverse-translation" from English). God is the Teacher of the Quran (55:1-2).

The table below summarizes content made available through the efforts of submitters. If the language you are looking for is available, we recommend you use the material listed as your first choice (over machine-translated material).


Summary of Quran / Submission-related content available in different Languages
Language Content Available
العربية Article(s)
فارسی Quran translation, articles and books
Français Quran translation and large collection of articles and information
Deutsch Some Chapters of Quran translated, articles
Ελληνική Some chapters of Quran
Hausa Some chapters of Quran
हिंदी Quran translation (including Introduction and Appendices)
Indonesian Books and Articles
Italiano Appendices of Quran
日本語 資料 Quran translation
Русский Quran translation
Español Articles, automated translation of Quran
Svenska Quran, books, articles
Thai Articles
Türkçe Articles
اردو Articles


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