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Information on Submission in different Languages

[Quran 26:198-199] If we revealed this to people who do not know Arabic. And had him recite it (in Arabic), they could not possibly believe in it.

العربية Article(s)
Español Basic material
فارسی Quran translation, articles and books
Français Quran translation and large collection of articles and information
Deutsch Some Chapters of Quran translated, articles
Ελληνική Some chapters of Quran
Hausa Some chapters of Quran
हिंदी Quran translation (including Introduction and Appendices)
Indonesian Books and Articles
Italiano Appendices of Quran
日本語 資料 Quran translation
Русский Quran translation (courtesy:
Svenska Quran, books, articles
Tamil Quran
Thai Articles
Türkçe Articles
اردو Articles

The language sections are based on material provided by individual Submitters.


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